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What is wrong with these people?!???

So, recently Logan South made threats, incited threats and generally made an ass of himself on Facebook, per usual. Here’s the latest to come out about ‘ol Tommy Pickles a.k.a. Thomas Henry Barnett IV; mystery plots against people, accusations of assault (I assume biting could get someone an assault charge) and just all around pathetic shit-talking.

Attempting doxxing on behalf of L.S.
Bite (1)
Bite (2)
The Florida Occurence

While I find “Kaibus” to be somewhat of an idiot, his interview (w/Jon Goddi) can be found here and it goes into the “The Florida Occurence” in greater detail via snapshots and other evidence. Found here:

While I haven’t arranged these next shots in order, it’s a basic idea of the plotting that went on and may still go on, delusions of grandeur, narcissistic behaviour, doxxing, name-calling and so on .

This blog stands as a gigantic shit stain on the history of Logan South, Daley South or anyone really that took part in plotting and scheming against people or anyone continuing to do so. The reasons why they have done these things and may continue to do them remains to be seen, but it’s most likely jealousy, money, and narcissism driven. Abusers will always be outed here and victims kept in the shadows.

Steer clear of L.S. kiddies!

Published by deadeadsouth

"People who are in trouble and people who want be a Vampire" This is what is displayed on one of Logan South's Facebook pages. As an author. Fairly sure by now, we're all aware Logan has published nothing, but his own obituary. The phrase he wrote on this page is rather fitting, don't you think? He's in trouble lately and he wants to be a vampire. Well, woe is me.

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